By: Charles W. Boatright

Maintaining a healthy weight is one of the most important objectives that you can achieve for a healthier lifestyle. You are no doubt aware of some health issues associated with excess weight or unhealthy eating. The list starts with the number ONE hitter- cardiovascular disease, along with the onset of diabetes (Type-2), arthritis, back and joint issues, hypertension, stroke, cancer, sleep apnea, restriction of physical activity, and lack of confidence, just to name a few.

Proper weight control and management do not have to be a Catch-22,  MISSION IMPOSSILBE, or THE IMPOSSIBLE DREAM facing you. I spent from  age 36, up to age 56, fighting my battle with weight issues. I lost significantly more battles than I won. And the ones I won were short-lived, less than a couple of months. I tried a series of diet programs with the same results, ending in failure. Another failed strategy is relying just on an exercise strategy alone. One reason why your body changes with time, you aren’t burning the same amount of calories that you did at a younger age. But the major component of weight control is a proper diet and eating schedule; this is the Achilles heel for most people and their diet plans. Your body operates on a Circadian Rhythm, and not just for sleeping. This is why exercising alone will not accomplish a healthy weight.

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Here the issue I was having. If you eat just one Big Mac, consisting of 563 calories, you’ve just wiped out 80 percent of your calories burned during a normal exercise routine. So for some people, exercise alone will not help you achieve your weight goal. Your diet and eating schedule are the biggest two factors in obtaining your goal.

From research your body burns the food the most effectively between 2 pm and 5 pm. The body however starts burning food at 9 am. This is the Circadian Rhythm that deals with your digestive system.

This is why I started research the Circadian Rhythm. I reached my breaking point after I produced a golf training video in November of 2014, just before the release of my book, The ESPY Golf Swing Coach. Viewing the video gave me a new perspective to find another strategy to battle my weight issues. I was going to have to rethink my diet strategy, and The Charge of the Light Brigade of just exercise trying to loss weight, in other words, the odds are stacked against you pursuing exercise alone. I needed another element. The first photograph featured here was taken after a book interview with Ned Reynolds, the host of Sports Reporters on JOCK 98.7 FM, ESPN radio station in Springfield, MO, in November 2014. The next two photographs were my progression on my diet program, (Parlor Mar 2015 lost 30 Lbs and farm Jun2016 lost 48 Lbs)

Nov2014 Charles W. Boatright Photo  Mar2016 Charles W. Boatright Photo GrassTrimming

In conjunction with my CASPER (Cardio, Aerobic, Strength, and Plyometrics Exercise Regiment) Workout Program in Section 20 of my book, I had to look at my diet strategy, that should consist of three pieces of the Triad 1) fitness or exercise, 2) diet or food selection, and 3) eating schedule.

In my diet, I focused on two culprits, certain Sugars and Starches, the big hitters. The schedule was the other part. I needed to eat to coincide when my body effectively burns and processes calories, the Circadian Rhythm. This is an 8-hour window when the body processes food. The highest rate that the body processes food is between 2 pm and 5 pm. So, my eating schedule should end at 5 pm, the “5” in the SR-925 program.

Circadian Rhythms with an (s) affect more than your sleep routine, as mentioned on television adds. Circadian Rhythms, as I stated, also affects the body’s digestion system. If you want to turn your body into a Bio-Juggernaut, pay close attention to the Circadian Rhythms, or in this case, an 8-hour window to eat your meals. This is the “9” in the SR-925 program. The number “2” is more than a range to consume your food, it is also the start of your maximum point that your body consumes food. Thus the number “2” in my SR-925 Diet Plan. Also this is FREE to you to use!

As stated above, the peak time the body consumes the most energy is between 2 pm and 5 pm. The optimum time to eat your meals should be 8-hours before 5 pm, starting at 9 am. Now you know where one diet derives its name from. But exercise and diet schedule are just two parts of the Triad Pyramid of losing and maintaining a healthy weight. The third and final part of the Triad Pyramid is proper food selection.

The third piece of your Triad Pyramid is to restrict your intake of foods that quickly convert to sugars, especially refined sugars and starches, or glucose. Fruits, on the other hand, have the highest level of natural sugar called fructose, but according to my SR-925 chart, have the lowest Weight Factors. This is nature’s sweetener, the best type for the body.

To assist me in selecting proper foods, I needed to develop a Weight Factor for foods. I knew Pinto beans and sweet potatoes were among the perfect foods, according to research, with a WF of 2.77. On the other end of the spectrum, I knew potato chips were among the worst foods you could place in your body, with a WF of 8.00. So I started using the nutrition labels to help me establish these Weight Factors to help me select the best foods to consume for 90 percent of my meals.

So I used analytics to formulate an easy equation from data gathered on the nutrition label: I take the Net Calories (total calories, minus calories from fat), then divided the Net Calories (NC) by the sum of (Carbohydrates + Fiber + Sugar + Protein).


01SR-925 LableTable  01SR-925 Lable

Here an example of figuring the Weight Factor for Sweet Potatoes the first label:

Calories= 100, Calories from fat= 0, Carbohydrates= 23g, Fiber= 4g, Sugar= 7g, and Protein= 2g

(100-0)/ (23+4+7+2)= 2.778

I personally established a WF threshold of 5.75, the green line, for myself, where I consume 90 percent of my food below this 5.75 level. I’ve lost an incredible amount of weight, within just two months based on food selection and the time that I eat these foods along with my exercise routine. This might vary, based on your metabolism and exercise level. I personally workout four times per week.

Even if you eat at a restaurant, you can use your I-phone to get nutrition information on menu items before you order. What will occur is that once you start establishing a WF for your foods, you will become familiar with certain foods you can eat without having to calculate the WF each time. I placed some  common food items, for example, on the table above for your reference to provide a guide. What is neat about the WF is that sweet potato and fruit have higher levels of natural sugar, but have a lower WF. It really works!

Now I stated the figure that 90 percent of my meals are consumed between 9 am and 5 pm, with Weight Factors below 5.75. OK, how about the other 10 percent, you ask? These are my two lush meals that I can eat each week that I can vary on time and selection of foods, such as during social events with friends and business clients. For example, a birthday event to enjoy my cake. But I still keep the majority of these selections below WF 7.0. The only reason that I eat the occasional potato chips is if I’m working on my farm and I have sweated profusely. This replaces my salt and potassium levels, but this is only a handful.

Hope you will find this interesting and helpful!


Another great sport to include in your exercise regiment is golf. I even walk my home course year-round for an aerobic exercise of 10.45 miles at Lake Caroline in Madison, MS. Please use my book to improve and enjoy your golf game more, or to learn how to play this wonderful game that you can play from eight to 98!

A side benefit of losing my weight (48 Lbs) is the increase mobility and range of motion that I gained. This allows the golfer to increase their club-head speed for the SMASH FACTOR:

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