By: Charles W. Boatright

Presetting the Wristbands in the ESPY Golf Swing

Some of the best golf SWING tips that a golfer of any level can take advantage of are how to use the wristbands and nodular on the lower forearms, Ulna Styloid Process, are used to set the handle of the club onto the swing plane. There are two maneuvers (Supination and Pronation) using nodular, Ulna Styloid Process, to set the club onto the correct swing plane and sync the elbows with the shoulders (see the below illustration). This was the technique Mr. Arnold Palmer was working with President Eisenhower to help synchronize his golf game: The correct swing plane is usually flatter than what the golfer perceives it to be. This is a habit that a golfer takes from the baseball swing.

The wristbands are used in the ESPY Golf Swing Coach to properly set the wrist action in the golf swing. The David Duval golf swing that he perform focused on the wrist action in the golf swing that allow the golfer to properly sync the golfer’s elbow with the shoulders and place the handle of the golf club onto the proper swing plane, or SLOT. Using the wristbands to properly set the wrist action in the golf swing, allows the golfer to take their baseball swing fundamentals from the batter’s box to the tee box and establish the correct swing plane in their golf swing.

Most batters swing the bat where the barrel of the bat is above the trail shoulder, or more in a vertical position. However, the correct swing plane is where the shaft of the golf club is at or just below the trail shoulder, or slightly flatter plane, (see the Arm and Forearm Diagram). The golfer will realize more accuracy and power by swinging on a flatter plane and have the tendency to draw the ball more. The steeper the swing plane the tendency for the golfer to fade the ball. The correct swing plane is either at the shoulder ( the Red Area) or just below the trail shoulder (the Blue Area), based on the ratios between the length of the golfer’s forearm compared to the upper arm.

Baseball-Type Golf Swing Supination Pronation Neutral

A great article written by Kiel Alderink, instructor at The Todd Sones Impact Golf School in Vernon Hills, Illinois, reinforced this technique. He writes about how to compare the forearm with the arm (upper arm) to establish the correct swing plane.


If the forearm is longer than the upper arm, the target point is the shoulder.

If the forearm and upper arm are equal, the target point is below the shoulder.

Proper Swing Plane Factor

Boxing Gloves Used to Preset the Golfer’s Wristbands

The wrists are set using the SYNC (CAM by supinating) and Preset (CAM-OVER by pronating) elements to preset the golf swing. The wrist action in the golf swing is established by using the top and bottom portions of the boxing glove wristbands. This is the reason the photograph below of the boxing gloves is critical to the golfer. The wristbands sets the key muscle in the lower forearm, the Pronator Quadratus. Setting this muscles allows the golfer to engage The Swing Path Muscles (Brachio-Radialis, Supinator, and Thenars).

Setting the wristbands, allows the left thumb for the right-handed golfer to indicate the correct swing plane, Section 13 of The ESPY GOLF SWING COACH. The second point for final swig plane alignment is at the shoulder Area (A) or just below the shoulder Area (B). This flatter swing plane will allow the golfer to naturally transfer incredible amount power generated by the upper and lower body through sprocket mechanics that can be transferred down the forearms that includes the Turbo Charger component of the torque component generated in the wristbands.


The ESPY Golf Swing Coach is based on a dual CAM approach of presetting the wristbands, or what I refer to as the torque from the wristbands on the boxing gloves. This approach of presetting the wristbands was illustrated in David Duval golf swing and by Ken Duke, Marco Dawson, and Angela Stanford, all professional golfers, that were guest on the Golf Channel. Presetting the wristbands was also employed by Bobby Jones, Ben Hogan and P.J. Boatwright, who was associated with the USGA, and a distant cousin of mine.


The Golfer’s Key Muscle located at the Boxing Glove Wristbands

The other advantages of the dual cam golf swing is 80 percent of the golf swing is established with two simple maneuvers, supination (CAM) and pronation (CAM-OVER), to set the top left and bottom right of the Pronator Quadratus muscles, the golfer’s key muscle. The Pronator Quadratus muscle is conveniently located on under the inside of each boxing glove wristband. A great mental image to preset the left and right wristbands are treating the nodules over the pinkie finger as lode on a camshaft. Visualizing the Ulna Styloid Process as a lode on the camshaft will properly sync the gear (dominate elbow) with the shoulders. The dual gear syncs and locks together the dominate elbow with the shoulders. This takes advantage of golfer’s natural golf swing mechanics of allowing the elbows and shoulders to behave as sprockets, like the sprockets on the ten-speed bicycle below.


Dual Sprockets of the ten-speed bicycle

ESPY Golf Swing Sequence for a right hander:

  1. Supinate (SYNC) the right Nodular, right Ulna Styloid Process and upper Pronator Quadratus Muscle (CAM).
  2. Pronate (PRESET) the left nodule, left Ulna Styloid Process and bottom Pronator Quadratus Muscle (CAM-OVER).
  3. This places the right elbow into the LOCK Position for the YAW.

The SYNC (CAM) followed by the PRESET (CAM-OVER) allows the golfer to place the handle of the club, or the left thumb, onto the correct swing plane. The only other maneuver the golfer has to performed is to take the club handle to the top of the swing what is called the YAW maneuver. The YAW maneuver coils the shoulders with the right elbow during the takeaway swing. All three elements are performed in slow motion, the slower the better to allow the body (massive core muscles) to sync and coil properly. A slow takeaway swing sets up the great tempo and rhythm during the downswing and through impact.

A key to the ESPY Golf Swing Coach is 80 percent of the maneuvers are preset by the wristbands, where EVERLAST name is located on each boxing glove. Any maneuvers above the wristbands interferes with the golfer’s ability to produce Power, Acceleration, Control, and Speed. All of the golfer’s 638 other muscles are subordinate to the wristbands, or the Pronator Quadratus Muscles.

NOTE: Swinging the handle of the club was the basis of Mr. Eddie Merrins, The Little Pro, video series entitled Swing the Handle, not the club. Where Mr. Merrins explains the WHAT, The ESPY Golf Swing Coach takes it to the next steps to explain the WHY and HOW.

Presting The Wris2t  Boxing Gloves Wristbands

I use boxing gloves for more than just a mental image to preset my golf swing mechanics. I trade-in my golf glove for a pair of boxing gloves during my CASPER Workout Program. Working out with a punching bag builds the golfer’s strength, stamina, and work the majority of my muscles used in the golf swing. Within the area of the boxing gloves’ wristband are two key components that are essential to presetting the golfer’s wrists, the nodule, or the Ulna Styloid Process, and the key muscles, the Pronator Quadratus. These two components helps the golfer to confidently preset the wristbands for the proper wrist action in the golf swing.

Essentially supination and pronation are the two movements required by the Pronator Quadratus Muscle about the nodule called the Ulna Styloid Process. The golfer attention should be on movements of each wristband on the boxing glove about the Ulna Styloid Process. The CAM or CAM-OVER maneuvers needs a pivot point. If the golfer keeping this in mind it will offer the golfer the ability to produce POWER, SPEED, and CONTROL!


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ESPY Golf Swing Coach- Developing the golfer's Rhythm w/o creating the golfer's Blues

ESPY Golf Swing Coach- Developing the golfer’s Rhythm w/o creating the golfer’s Blues.

Also, learning The ESPY Golf Swing Coach process is an excellent way to develop Rhythm without experiencing the Blues in your golf game for confidence; learn how to take your baseball-style swing from the batter’s box to the tee box.


Golfer's Locker Room for learning and applying Simple Golf Swing Tips

Golfer’s Locker Room for learning and applying Simple Golf Swing Tips.

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