The 405 Training Drill is a practice procedure that allows the golfer to establish a drop zone where four out of five shots will hit. This procedure is like a scrimmage game in football. While it isn’t actual game day conditions, it’s as close as possible to the pressure. The golfer is trying to create conditions that are generally more difficult than actual course play. The 405 Training Drill will also allow the golfer to raise their blood pressure level and adrenaline level in order to gain an advantage in golf instead of developing a hindrance to their golf game. To elevate my adrenaline and be able to focus its potential, I jog between station where my next series of five shots will be hit from.

Adrenaline can allow the golfer to develop additional power and energy. But adrenaline can equally have side effects, if not channeled correctly, and can cause stress, muscle tension, and anxiety, all that are detrimental to the golf game and shot making.

In the 405 Training Drill the golfer is making five golf shots from one point to a target point, than after the fifth golf shot, the golfer runs to the target point to hit the next series of golf shots. The running elevates the golfers blood pressure where the golfer mind can become accustom to the stress level that can develop while over the shot on the golf course.

NOTE: For the tee shot and intermediate golf shots, I use a special practice ball that I call SAFE Golf Balls. These SAFE Golf Balls are actually go by the trade name Almost Golf Balls®. These SAFE Golf Balls don not cause property damage or endanger people or pets. They are geared to only travel about 25 percent the distance of an actual golf ball. Then for my chip,pitch shots, and putts, I switch out the SAFE Golf Balls with actual golf balls. The biggest advantage of using the SAFE Golf Balls is they behave just like actual golf balls in that you can shape shots and you can use them in your large backyard.


Here are some measures that can help channel adrenaline correctly:

1. First, recognize that adrenaline will be present during the round and try to enjoy the experience of competition.
2. Have a practice that is structured and more strenuous than any conditions found on the course.
3. Create the mental conditions during practice for at least 30 minutes, which would allow adrenaline to develop in order to be an advantage instead of a hindrance.
4. Quiet the mind and body to mentally remove distractions, and focus on muscle memory during practice or competition.
5. Condition the mind and body to perform under pressure circumstances.
6. Develop a natural, repeatable sequence, based on muscle memory, techniques, and mechanics.
7. Develop scenarios during practice that will reflect that of course play for effective decision making.

Finally, be conservative in your target selection, based on the 405 Training Drill, but be aggressive and committed to the target. The 405 Training Drill is where the golfer establishes a 3-foot radius for putts, a 10-foot radius for chip and pitch shots, and a 20-foot radius for tee and approach shots. The objective is to drop four out of five shots in this target area before going to the next shot location. The 405 Training Drill is discussed more in detail in Section 7.0 of The ESPY Golf Swing Coach, a self-coaching technique.

The ESPY Golf Swing Coach is based on a dual CAM approach to presetting the wrists in the golf swing, or what I refer to as the wristbands on the boxing gloves. This approach of setting the wristbands was illustrated by Ken Duke, Marco Dawson, and Angela Stanford, professional golfers, that were guest on the Golf Channel. Setting the wristbands was also employed by Bobby Jones, Ben Hogan and P.J. Boatwright, associated with the USGA, and a distant cousin. Another example was  Colonel George R. Hall used the Dual CAM-type golf swing. To learn more about Colonel Hall’s story, please refer to my blog:

It is not enough to know WHAT to do according to the Triad Learning Pyramid, ( but more importantly HOW! The ESPY Golf Swing Coach not only explains the WHAT, but the WHY and HOW. The ESPY Golf Coach uses procedures with diagrams and illustrations how to establish the three (SYNCH, PRESET, and YAW) elements in order to allow the golfer to develop muscle memory with a technique called The 405 Training Drill that will allow the golfer to use both their conscious and subconscious abilities.

Presting The Wris2t

The SYNCH (RT. Thenar CAMS) followed by the PRESET (LT. Thenar CAMS-OVER) allows the golfer to place the handle of the club, or the left thumb, onto the swing plane. The only other maneuver the golfer has to performed is to take the club handle to the top of the swing what is called the YAW maneuver of coiling the shoulders with the right elbow. All three elements are performed in slow motion, the slower the better to allow the body to coil properly. A slow takeaway sets up a great downswing through impact. The secret of the ESPY Golf Swing is to CAM (AT) and CAM-OVER (ABOUT) the ring metacarpal head. This will properly set the hands and wrists as noted in the diagram to the left and in the diagram below into the Lock position.


NOTE: Swinging the handle of the club was the basis of Mr. Eddie Merrins, The Little Pro, video series entitled Swing the Handle, not the club. Where Mr. Merrins explains the WHAT, The ESPY Golf Swing Coach takes it to the next steps to explain the WHY and HOW.

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Once you learn WHY, you don’t forget HOW!

YouTube Videos: (Cam & Cam-over elements) (Figuring your proper swing plane) (Developing muscle memory)

A Recommendation for your Golf Game:

I would like to recommend a wonderful radio program that I regularly listen to on my I-Heart Radio app to KARN 102.9 FM station out of Little Rock, AR. They air a golf show called “Arkansas Fairways and Greens,” at 7:00 AM CT each Saturday morning, hosted by Bob Steel and Jay Fox. Bob occasionally has on his show a guest named Shawn Humphries, a Professional Golf Instructor from Dallas, Texas. One thing that Mr. Humphries stresses is the mental part of golf, not focusing on the results but the process.

Until next time– Be Synched, Tee-to-Green, with The ESPY Golf Swing!